Our company boasts outstanding results in the field of construction.


Our extensive services are characterized by maximum precision and accuracy, be it in the areas of construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, renovation, urban rehabilitation.




Fort-Bau Plc. has been proving its ability to remain competitive and strengthen its position in the face of increasing market competition, with the greatest customer satisfaction since its inception in 2002.


In order to fully satisfy the growing needs of our customers, we carry out continuous improvements and strive to deliver our products and services in impeccable quality.


Our Activities

The diversity of our company is reflected in the prosperity in various spheres, which confirms that our company is a key player in the domestic market.


As a main contractor, we undertake the turnkey construction of family houses, warehouses, industrial facilities and public institutions, and as a subcontractor we carry out measurably separate construction works.




We manufacture our doors and windows to individual sizes, the installation is preceded by a free preliminary survey. We can produce windows of any shape and color (based on the color samples of the profile manufacturer) according to the emerging needs.




We have been successfully carrying out full-scale construction and technical inspections of construction investments for more than 15 years.




Our four-star wellness hotel is the only Hotelstars certified in the region and is worthy of the Hollókő World Heritage Site.



Our Colleagues

Our staff are highly qualified professionals who are well versed in all aspects of the profession. We feel it is our duty to keep their knowledge up to date, so we provide recurrent professional training to our team members.


Our company's staff is mobilized, so we undertake construction in any part of the country.


Completed project


Satisfied customer


Installed doors and windows


Hotel guest

Our Quality Policy

Quality, health and environmental management systems have been put in place to fully meet the ongoing quality challenges.



2022 - FORT-BAU Construction, Commercial

and Service Provider Private Limited Company

Registered office: 1074 Budapest, Dohány street 29.

Location: 3100 Salgótarján, Ruhagyári road 32. (Center, factory)


Company registration number: 01-10-140991

Tax number: 28763291-2-42